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Recap of Part 1

In Strategic Alignment – Part 1, we described the basic problems of having strategic plans that don’t have an execution path. We also started to show a few tips to help you think a little more about how to deliver on your strategic plan using strategic alignment as a spine for roll-out.

Recap of Part 2

In Strategic Alignment – Part 2, we looked a little deeper at the mechanics of strong strategic alignment, and its effect on execution. Highlighting, the importance of reviewing the strategy, making changes, spending the right amount of time on strategy, and importantly getting engagement throughout the organisation. Now we are going to talk about the benefits of effective strategic alignment.

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organisation’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow” —Jack Welch, Former CEO of GE

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees come to work because they like it, and so they are positive, and productive. Disengaged employees come for the benefits, and look forward to going home. Strategic alignment will
> Lower sickness absence rates
> Raise morale
> Raise efficiency, and additionally improve productivity
> Increase ownership of tasks, and also drive solutions to problems

Customer Satisfaction

Quality & On Time In Full Delivery are what enable your customer to function, and meet their own targets. It is what drives your repeat business, and drives your profitability. Strategic Alignment gets you
> 100% On Time In Full Delivery to your customer
> 100% Right First Time Quality. Moreover, no escapes
> Invoices, and payments synchronised with delivery
> Repeat orders with low or no effort

Financial Gain

No matter how good your people, processes, and product, without the money coming in as budgeted the organisation will soon find it is in dire straits. Strategic alignment will
> Increase Revenue, Operating Income, & also Cash Flow
> Lower inventory, with less obsolescence
> Minimise budget over runs, and give real visibility of Capital Expenditure
> Ensure that deliveries are made. Moreover, payments received on time

Check the Map

Organisations that fail in their expectations, often don’t hold strategic execution in such high regard as strategic planning. If you imagine your market environment as terrain, strategy as a road map, and your tactics as a way of moving around, you can start to appreciate how the strategic plan should be used. If whilst on your journey, the landmark you expected isn’t where you thought it would be, you would know you are lost. Here, most people would choose to check the map and so why don’t leaders do the same?

Why is Business Different?

So, why is it that in business, leaders discard the plan when the results aren’t what they expect? We think it is because the importance of good execution isn’t as well communicated or taught, as is the importance of setting the right strategy. In fact there are many tools, and methods to develop a great strategy, but there aren’t many to help you execute that strategy. Furthermore, to compound this paradox, we get measured on execution, right?.

Making a Strategy Happen

Without excellent execution, a strategy is useless, and so this is why Midaero have designed our Accelerated Improvement Model. We have created a systematic, tool based, process for the determination, deployment, communication, execution and review of your strategy. Its aim, is to ensure that you get to your destination on time, and efficiently. Furthermore, we have developed a systematic approach to tactics too, so that you can link what happens in your organisation, every single day, with the expectation of the plan. Finally, we can give you a systematic way of getting the alignment necessary to reach your employees, and therefore access the potential of your organisation.

Imagine a Brighter Future

Highly effective companies achieve amazing results, because they understand the importance of Strategic Alignment. Imagine your leadership knowing exactly where they are taking the organisation, and how. Even better, Imagine they can articulate what is good and what needs improvement.
Imagine your employees being happy and engaged. Not only that, but imagine your customers, delighted with your delivery, quality, and also response. Finally, your stakeholders are enjoying the financial results that they were told they would get.
This isn’t utopia, however, it is the power of strategic alignment. Get in touch and we will help you deliver excellence.

We can help you execute and get the results you demand.

To get support contact us and we’ll be really pleased to talk to you.

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