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Midaero – About Us

About Us

Midaero are a premium supplier of management systems, business improvement services, supply chain development, training and leadership development services to the Aerospace OE, and Aircraft MRO Sectors.

SINCE 2013

Our Mission

To share knowledge and provide repeatable and scalable processes that improve performance

Our Story

I started my career as a metallurgist, and was lucky enough to serve my apprenticeship at Firth Rixson PLC with some great mentors. Heavy engineering was a turbulent industry that failed to move with the times, and this taught me a strong work ethic and resilience.
Anna started out in Supply Chain Administration at Goodrich, and worked up through the ranks on the back of an impeccable record of achievement. We first worked together at Goodrich, and since then we have always worked together, at UTC and Moog before Midaero, and in side projects like SQEDL, and NDT Midlands.
Through team work we gained experience in process and cultural improvement. At Goodrich and Moog we were part of the leadership teams driving transformational change across the organisations. It was great fun, but we found it difficult to repeat our successes with suppliers who often relied on bought in consultancy,
We got disillusioned with the standard of consultancy and training services available to us and our suppliers. We felt that most providers made things way too complex. Perhaps, to justify their fees or because they didn't have the experience to make it simple. Often this made a problem worse, and cost a lot of money.
Supply chain seemed to lack understanding of the expectation of OEMs and Primes and had a poor understanding of the requirements of the aerospace standards. Don't get me wrong, there are some excellent consultants out there, but there are also a lot of great consultants from other industries who think that they can practice in aerospace without any sector experience, and this can be dangerous, particularly when looking at compliance.
We pride ourselves on producing world-class training material and tools and templates, and in deploying them in a simple way. A way that our clients can manage with the least possible effort long after we have moved on.

Simple Value

When Anna and I decided to leave Moog and set up Midaero, we wanted to offer high value advice and training. Simple advice and training, that got the job done and justified its fees by getting the job done well and without much fuss.
Over the last few years we have leveraged our relationship with BSI to drive our quality of service up, and after practicing for 5 years we feel that we have now got our own efficiency to the level that our clients can enjoy, and we can celebrate.
These days we consider compliance and operations to be our expertise and we are strong generalists in these complex areas.

Growing Capability

We have extended our own knowledge to encompass MRO and Distribution, as our taught strength was in Manufacturing. We now have as many clients in MRO and Distribution as in manufacture and we are proud of that.
Recently we have been exploring another market – the aerospace ancillary equipment providers. There is a current need for providers of machinery and tooling to become AS9100 accredited, and we have built a dedicated management system for such companies with 100% accreditation success.
In 5 years, our entire client base has received just 2 major NCs between them all, and this is a testament to our tried systems.
Our operational expertise has allowed us to develop a comprehensive business operating system that boasts Moog Industrial Group as its most prominent client.
We have delivered training in all aspects of Aerospace quality, and lean manufacturing to some big names, and that is a growing list including Boeing, Collins, Rolls Royce, Lufthansa, Gore, James Walker, Wyman Gordon, Greene Tweed, LPA, Standard Aero, Leonardo, Honeywell, AAR, and Stirling Dynamic.
We have also been extending our knowledge, and are transferring our skills across to medical devices and ISO13485 - a sector as intolerant to defects as the aerospace sector.
We are also undertaking more work in renewables and ecologically sustainable technologies with clients in wind energy, and low energy cement production.
Its a great time for our business, and this has been enabled by the success of our clients.

The Future

During the last 2 years we have been working on a digital offering. We are excited that we are building a Platform that will help businesses to gain more control over both assessing and improving their businesses. It will also help increase knowledge.
We are also getting more involved in specialist training for growing disciplines in the aerospace industry such as AS9145, and AS9115.
We will also expand our medical devices and green tech share. Sectors where we have real interest.
As long as our clients continue to be happy with us we will remain fulfilled. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our clients happy and relaxed, well perhaps a repeat order is as good!

Doug Allen

Our Team

The management team have proven industry expertise developed with Moog Inc (£2.0Bn), Goodrich Aerospace Inc (£5.3Bn), and also United Technologies Corporation (£45.5Bn), where they have held leadership positions across a range of operations, and functions, including Production, Special Processes, Supply Chain, and also Compliance.


Doug Allen


Douglas Allen is a speaker, consultant, and trainer. Doug was a senior leader with Goodrich, UTC, and Moog. He has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in Aerospace & MFG. Doug specialises in driving change, through strong leadership.
Doug has advised the LEP on Supply Chains, and skills shortage. He is currently a Senior Advisor to Moog’s Industrial Group, and has also advised the University of Wolverhampton in HVM, and training.
Doug is qualified in Leadership, Law, Environmental Accountability, Business Admin and also Metallurgy.

Anna Lavender-Moore


Anna Lavender-Moore is a consultant, trainer and an expert in process design, and has held leadership positions with Goodrich, UTC, and Moog. Anna has 10 years’ experience of designing processes in complex, fast paced operations.
She is an advisor to University of Wolverhampton on aerospace training. Anna is a graduate of Cranfield Business School, and also holds a BSc (Hons), and also NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management.
Anna also read a Masters  in Organisational Psychology, at University of Liverpool.



Trust is the lifeblood of our organisation. It is the basis for how we interact with our workforce, suppliers and our customers. Moreover, we trust and therefore expect to be trusted.


We believe that a business, just like a building, will eventually collapse if it has no integrity. Our relationships are built on honesty, therefore we will go as far as we can to offer and preserve it.


Modern businesses thrive on communication and collaboration both internally and externally. We believe that by collaborating with a wide variety of organisations, we can prepare for, and prosper in, a bright future.


Associate Aerospace Consultants (Contract Basis)

Midaero are looking for talented Quality Management System consultants with an excellent understanding of Management System design, installation and also maintenance. Experience of Stage 1 & 2 accreditation audits for all BS EN91x0:2018 / AS91x0 Rev D is a distinct advantage, also relevant aerospace operations experience.

Associate Medical Devices Consultants (Contract Basis)

Midaero are looking for talented Quality Management System consultants with an excellent understanding of Management System design, installation and also maintenance. Experience of Stage 1 & 2 accreditation audits for BS EN ISO13485:2016 Medical Devices is a distinct advantage, also relevant Medical Device operations experience.

Full Stack Developer (Contract Basis)

Midaero are looking to hire an experienced full-stack developer to work on our Business Improvement Platform. Therefore, you must have knowledge of Ruby on Rails, and UI / UX design. Experience of gamification also a distinct advantage.