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Improving Your Business Performance

If you are concerned about managing risks within your business, then our continuous improvement system is for you. We have used our proven systems to improve results of businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of industries. We can help drive your processes to give more predictable results, by improving awareness, and installing our trusted tools into your operations, and strategic processes.

Our Business Consultants will help shape your success


Internet Of Things

We love technology, and believe that connecting things, like machines, software, data management systems, and supply chains provides a huge opportunity to increase the efficiency of our work, and our clients productivity.

As Chair of the Made in the Midlands Industry 4.0 committee Doug is well positioned to help you understand your options, and start to develop your digital strategy.

UK / EU Agency & Representatives

We believe there is a solution for every challenge in modern business. In todays competitive business environment, connecting with more customers, with the right information, at the right time is essential. That’s why Midaero are happy to provide Representatives for your business operations, and sales in the UK, and EU.

Our offering is simple and straight-forward. We offer you a customer experience focused interface with your UK or EU customers, and a UK Office address, all designed to provide better end-to-end buying, and communication experience for your customers.

Risk management

Whether it be operational, strategic, or cyber, risk management is a hot topic at the moment.  Your customers are beginning to increasingly understand that risk management is the answer to unpredictable supply, poor quality, and generally poor supplier performance.

A trend is emerging where customers are starting to mandate that their supplier be more risk savvy, and work at lowering risks to their own performance. This is evident in the new Quality Management Systems, AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, and others. We have a background in risk management and quality, and our systems are well positioned to help you thrive in the new risk savvy environment.

Problem Solving

Diagnosing, assessing, and fixing problems is at the heart of what we do, as business consultants.

Sometimes these problems may be small process based projects that last a few days. In this cases, training, or a redesign of a single process will help. Often, process mapping, and a root cause analysis will offer insight, and possible resolution.

Other times, the problems may be workplace culture,  or strategic, where a project lengths can differ greatly, and we have an arsenal of tools, and experience to help.

manufacturing consultants

Accelerated improvement Model

AIM is at the heart of what we do as business consultants, and provides the building blocks for continuous improvement. We built AIM when we were working with Moog Industrial Group in 2016, and it can be used anywhere. AIM provides a standard approach to continuous improvement.

AIM is full of things key to performance, because it can be a whole solution. It includes ISO9001, and 14001. Also, special systems like AS9100, and even legal compliance. It is also a great way to improve single processes, but understanding the effect this may have on other processes, and people.

SQEDL Improvement Platform

First of all, SQEDL is a platform that allows leaders to assess their processes and so make them better. A dashboard presents overall performance, and ratings for key areas. Finally, SQEDL will show where you need to improve because it has assesses the risks.

We designed SQEDL to give leaders insights into their businesses, because we wanted you to have the knowledge to improve quickly.

Leaders can use SQEDL to learn more about improvement, and also start to make positive changes themselves, because external support can be expensive.

Business Coaching

Our business consultants dream of a time when all small businesses have awesome performance. Our coaching provides you with the opportunity to unlock your potential. We find that most leaders solves their own problems when given the confidence provided by coaching. Anna has studied coaching at Masters level.

To make this happen we have a wealth of experience of problem solving, and cost saving experience, and we can help you to gain this knowledge.