AS9100D Quality Management System

MGI meets the requirements of the aerospace quality standard AS9100D Quality Management System and is certified accordingly.

Throughout 2018 an effective quality management system has been implemented at MGI to improve customer satisfaction and provide consistent structure to design projects. With the support of experienced quality consultants at Midaero, MGI has received AS9100D certification from BSI; a significant milestone in MGI’s business development

What is a Quality Management System?

• Quality means meeting our customer requirements.
• Management of Quality is the activities performed at MGI to ensure those customer requirements are met.
• Quality Management System is the set of processes that we have in place at MGI to execute our quality management activities.

What is AS9100?

• ISO9001 is a document that lists some internationally accepted, and also basic rules for a model quality system.
• These rules have been recognised worldwide as good practices.
• ISO9001 can be implemented in any organisation, moreover, it is common in various industries
• Drastic consequence of failure results in the aerospace industry requires a higher level of quality management than ISO9001
• As a result, the aerospace industry has taken ISO9001 further. Therefore publishing AS9100, or also known as BS EN9100.
• AS9100 lists all the ISO9001 rules with additional requirements specific to aerospace. Therefore having more focus.
• BSI, an independent certification body, will conduct regular, recurring, on-site audits to ensure MGI complies
to AS9100.

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