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Posts filed under: Continuous Improvement

How to Manage Unapproved Suppliers

A 9100 approved aerospace parts manufacturer recently called me, and I spoke to “Dave”. His company produced brackets and fixings for a distributor but is not told either the end-use or user. He was concerned about counterfeit parts. Dave had an... Read More

Will APQP & PPAP add real value?

Will APQP & PPAP add real value? Friday 19th July I had the pleasure of leading a training and  awareness session with the BSI Aerospace team. It was great to catch up with a lot of old friends, and make... Read More

Starting an Improvement Journey

Starting an improvement journey Most people in business agree that success can be driven by accelerating business improvement. However, there are so many people out there starting a journey with 5S, and 6 months in to the journey they are... Read More

Its Transformation or Wither

It’s transformation or wither in today’s business environment There are fundamental changes in business operation. Effects of globalisation, a major slowdown in Western economies, significant shifts in technology, rising energy costs, and the challenges of regulatory compliance. Add to that... Read More

Autonomous Improvement, How do we get there?

AUTONOMOUS IMPROVEMENT – A thing of legend? Over the last couple of weeks Anna and I have been having some fun accelerating improvement with a client in the West Midlands. It’s a great company with a strong tradition of manufacture, a united... Read More

Improvement Failures – Are Leaders the cause?

More and more companies are looking to implement improvements to remove waste from their processes and drive efficiency. However simply saying that the business is going to be lean doesn’t wave a magic wand. Lean isn’t something you can just do... Read More

Efficiency – The Myth About 100%

Generally over a beer, one of my oldest friends and I often explore our differing opinions about the world. Especially, the motives of leadership behaviour in the workplace. I was interested in what he thought of 100% efficiency. Moreover, if he... Read More