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Strategic Alignment – Part 3

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT – PART 3, FEELING THE BENEFIT As this post has a lot of content about Strategic Alignment, here are some links to the bits you may want to revise. Recap Part 1 Recap Part 2 Employee Engagement Customer... Read More

Strategic Alignment – Part 1

STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT PART 1, EXECUTING THE PLAN As this post has a lot of content here are some links to the bits you may want to revise. What is strategic alignment? Why is strategic alignment important? How to start strategic... Read More

Starting an Improvement Journey

Starting an improvement journey Most people in business agree that success can be driven by accelerating business improvement. However, there are so many people out there starting a journey with 5S, and 6 months in to the journey they are... Read More

Autonomous Improvement, How do we get there?

AUTONOMOUS IMPROVEMENT – A thing of legend? Over the last couple of weeks Anna and I have been having some fun accelerating improvement with a client in the West Midlands. It’s a great company with a strong tradition of manufacture, a united... Read More

Motivation – How do we keep people engaged?

Motivation is the drive that someone has to complete activities and reach goals. Many external factors can influence our motivation, but it is still largely internally driven. It is easy to think that some people lack motivation altogether, but everyone... Read More