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AS9100 Managing Suppliers

Aerospace Quality System Courses

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AS91x0 Managing Suppliers

This Supplier Management course will help you to understand what is expected of you and your organisation to both protect yourself and the customer from poor, or unethical supply. The International Aerospace Quality Group identified supply as a particular risk to the aerospace supply chain.

The course looks closely at supplier selection and approval, measures of performance, flow down of requirements, and goods in management. Including the basics of counterfeit and unapproved supply protection.

Your tutor will guide you through the use of AS9100 as a strategic, top level improvement tool.


This course is aimed at people managing, approving, and purchasing from supply chain entities.

It will help increase your ability to flow down and monitor requirements, and performance. It will also develop your communication channels.

Personally, you will be able to demonstrate that you understand Control of External Providers clauses and what this means in a broad organisational context.

What you will study

Whilst the management of suppliers is nothing new. The Primes and OEMs have identified a significant risk in the supply chain. This training addresses that risk by encouraging management teams to scrutinise their suppliers and potential suppliers, and their subsequent supply.

Whilst attending our supplier management Course, delegates will gain an understanding of;

    • Supply chain structure,
    • Supplier selection,
    • Supplier approval,
    • Single points of failure,
    • Flow down of requirements,
    • Goods in control,
    • Counterfeit & unapproved supply.

Teaching support

Our tutors are highly experienced aerospace practitioners. They all hold graduate degrees, and are IAQG qualified Auditors. These qualifications are to 9100 Revision D.

Tutors for this course will have held Leadership Positions within a well-known Prime or OEM.

Your tutor should be able to answer any relevant questions about the course. They will also be able to comment on best practice, and what is happening in the industry. However, they are there to teach you, and they aren’t allowed to consult on complex problems during the teaching days. This is simply because it absorbs too much time, and can jeopardise finishing the course.


This course is assessed through activities, and engagement with the course material. There is no pass and fail, but if you want to get the most out of the course you will need to engage with the material, activities, and group work.

There is a certificate issued at the end of the course to prove that the course has been attended.

Entry requirements

This is a technical course and so it is very important that your english is not only good conversationally, but also that you can interpret and understand the technical elements of the course.

An understanding of supply and demand, and or supplier management would be advantageous, although this course is also suitable for entry level practitioners.

If you already have a set of supply management procedures it would be good practice to review them prior to the course.

Preparatory work

Think about how your organisation plans for its success. How does it monitor whether it’s performance is good or bad? What does it do to get things back on track? Are there process in place to control these things?

Read your business plan, or think about what your business needs to do to be successful. How does this inform produce and process quality?


If you have any special requirements please call us on 01902 472 523, or 07958 133357. Alternatively, text 07958 133 357, or use the form located on the Course Registration tab.

We will do our very best to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Study materials

All of our delegates are supplied with a copy of the course material, along with the tutors notes.

A loan copy of the standard will be supplied and this must be returned to your tutor at the end of the course.

Computing requirements

There are no requirements for any of our delegates to need access to a computer during this course.

In fact we prefer you not to bring laptops, or tablets into the class room. This helps to focus both your tutor and your delegates on the materials.

There are plenty of opportunities to check telephone messages, and emails during the days. Such as coffee breaks and at the start of break out sessions. We just ask that you be respectful to the tutor and the other delegates.

Things to bring with you

Our tutors will supply all that you need, including materials, pens, and notebooks.

Some people prefer to bring their own pens and notebooks. This is fine.

In some cases we may ask you to provide whiteboards, presentation equipment and flip charts. However, we will arrange this before hand, and we can provide anything necessary to make the course go smoothly.

Course registration

Our courses are mainly delivered on-site as this gives far more relevance to your organisation, and allows more appropriate discussion about the course material in your own context.

Please send your details through to us using the form below and we will contact you about your specific needs.

If you would prefer, simply call our office number and one of our dedicated staff will answer your questions.


This is a 1 day course that is expected to run 0900 – 1600 on each day.


Our prices are flexible depending on your specific requirements. Generally, discounts are available for 3 or more delegates.

Dependant on your individual circumstances, we do have excellent links to grant funding providers. However, this differs by area.

Call our offices

If you would like any further information, or you have a query. Please call our offices on 01902 472523, or 07958 133357. We are available between 8am and 8pm every day.

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Call our offices

If you would like any further information, or you have a query. Please call our offices on 01902 472523, or 07958 133357. We are available between 8am and 8pm every day.

Enquiry form

Proposed Start Date