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Virtual Improvement Platform

We have been working hard to develop our virtual improvement platform

Progress XL

ProgressXL is our globally accessible Virtual Improvement Platform.

ProgressXL helps you to assess your business, and understand the gaps in your organisational knowledge and performance. Once you have highlighted these gaps, ProgressXL will help you to improve and close these gaps.

The assessment is available free of charge, with a premium service available on subscription for improvement resources.

ProgressXL Enterprise

ProgressXL Enterprise is a version of our globally accessible Virtual Improvement Platform, that is specifically aimed at Enterprise wide assessment, data analysis and improvement.

ProgressXL helps you to assess your global operations, diagnose gaps in your organisational knowledge and performance, and deploy scalable systematic improvement.

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We Are Improvement Consultants

It doesn’t matter what knowledge you already have. Our training programmes cater for everyone

Proven Expertise in Organisational Improvement

Our qualified consultants can help you optimise and thrive in a constantly changing world. In modern times, organisations need to be more agile and resilient than ever before. The market landscape is constantly changing, customer habits have changed, and employee expectations have changed. Whether you are gripped by a downturn, or struggling to meet your growth aspirations. We will help you maximise customer value by sustaining the things you do well, whilst reducing the costs of doing it.

World-class training in Improvement Systems

Over the last few years, we have been developing and delivering bespoke training to organisations of varying size, complexity, and backgrounds. We learnt our trade working for Goodrich, Moog, and United Technologies. Now, we travel the globe helping people to learn the skills, and leadership behaviours required by lean methodologies. We pride ourselves on developing beautiful material that not only delivers on its objectives, but leaves behind strong reference material for all of our delegates.

3 Steps to a Lean Transformation

Cultural enlightenment

Our values define who we are. Values like Trust, Respect, and Zero not only Blame resonate, but amplify lean concepts.

Shared Values drive Employee Engagement, and that empowers people with the freedom to act in good faith, and occasionally make mistakes as part of the learning process. A barrier to employee engagement is a fear of being blamed when things don’t go to plan. A culture of mutual trust and zero blame will drive the personal growth that only comes from learning from mistakes.

Systems Improvement

Toyota have had an incredible influence on Lean. A huge contribution is their ability to think in terms of systems. Lean is often applied in isolation.

When improvement is planned, the focus will be on improving a process and its results. Improvement can create an illusion of problem solving, when really, it has just moved the problem to another area. Bottlenecks are a good example. When flow is increased in one process area, it often chokes another area further downstream.

We help our clients to relentlessly pursue systematic, and joined up improvement.

Problem Solving

We have love the sense of achievement that we get from Problem Solving, whether it is getting to the root of an investigation, or teaching teams of enthusiastic people.

Problem solving can be nerve racking, but it can also be good fun. We will teach you all you need to know about proactively searching for problems and solving them.

We Are Active Across Many Industries

with a special bias towards High Value Manufacturing and ASD


Our consultants help you develop, and execute strategies that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Bespoke Training

We provide training that meets the needs of your staff no matter what their individual learning style maybe.

Leadership Coaching

Internal consultants and Psychologists will work with your Leaders to unlock their potential and overcome their fears.

Contracted Quality Management

Our team can install, maintain and advice on Quality either as consultants or as a contracted Quality Team.

On-site Support

We will work at your site to develop your systems, people, and processes, and solve problems with your staff.

Risk Management

Midaero’s risk mitigation skills were honed with UTC & Moog. We know how to create a culture of risk management.

We Build Relationships that Last

The people we have worked with are very important to us. It is a testament to our service that we can proudly say that we have built strong bonds with them over the years. Moreover, here’s what some of them had to say….

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